Workshop lace from Lier and Haute couture, Perlage & broderie d’art (Art beading)

This is a four days workshop.

Teacher: Linda Van Camp

Lace from Lier and Art Beading are part of the picturesque town of Lier since over 200 year. This fine lace type is worked on a tule, which is mounted on a frame, with a very fine type of crochet. No basic knowledge is required.

The workshop consists in

  • Preparing and mounting the frame
  • Basic stitch / chain stitch with the crochet
  • Discussing, drawing and working the basic pattern on tule
  • Working the outline with differents sizes of thread
  • Different ornamental grounds, flowers on stitch,..
  • Accents with beads, paillets and tubes
  • Finishing the lace work / beading

The teacher will inform about history and industrial background of this lace type / art beading / craft.

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