Lace tour

August 2018, 20th till 25th

Many enthusiastic lace aficionados, collectors, and museums from all over Belgium will exhibit their masterpieces, offering a varied selection, historical as well as contemporary, including Antwerp lace of the 17th Century, the hardly known War Lace from WW1, fascinating needle lace, the mysterious Chantilly, fantastic sculptures, Fine Art beading and lace from Lier,…

The tour stops in the following cities: Binche, Kortrijk, Ieper, Aalst, Temse, Antwerp, Leuven, Sint-Truiden, Liège, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Brussels. Apart from the lace exhibitions, there will be a chance to explore and experience the individuality of each city.

Day 1


  • Grand-Place de Binche
  • Office du Tourisme
  • Hôtel de Ville
  • Collégiale Saint-Ursmer
  •  Musée international du Carnaval et du Masque
  • La Tour Saint Georges


  • The new museum of Flax, Linen and Lace “Texture”


  • St-Vincentius College: Exhibition ‘War Lace’
  • Menenpoort

Day 2



  • Onze Lieve Vrouw kerk: Sculptures in lace
  • Town hall: Traditional lace
  • Dacca: Contemporary lace
  • Kapel van de Broedersschool, Akkerstraat 28: Needle lace

Day 3


  • Katoennatie
  • Carolus Borromeus church:  Historical lace: Treasury

Lace from Lier and Turnhout
“ Old technique – new design”
“Lace from around Antwerp”

Day 4


  • Predikherenkerk: 10 Lace Academies
  • Romaanse poort: “Living Lace” and historical collection by Serena Leuven


  • Museum De Mindere: “Kantelink” “Metamorfose”
  • Kant in Vlaanderen – Ursulinen: “Evolution”

Day 5


  • Castle of Coloma: Contemporary lace “Storytelling threads”

Day 6


  • Museum voor Kostuum en Kant (Museum of Costumes and Lace)
  • Koninklijk Museum voor Kunst en Geschiedenis (Royal Museum of Art and History)


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