Collection Lace of the Royal Museum for Art and History


The Royal Museum for Art and History in Brussels is a group of museums: museum of Musical Instruments, Museum of the Far East, the Halle Gate, and the Cinquantenaire Museum.

The ‘royal’ collection is very extensive and divers but emphasizes on the antiquity and national archeology. A rich collection of furniture, glass, metal, ceramics, costumes, lace and tapestries can be found in the European decorative Arts. The collection covers over 8000 large and smaller lace items and more than 3500 costumes and has grown over the years thanks to many donations and some important acquisitions.

The museums owns lace from the 16th century and of course the famous coverlet from the dukes Albrecht and Isabella is one of the top pieces!

Royal veils, table cloths and  christening robes, fans, bonnets, religious garments, war lace, … They all testimony the rich cultural lace heritage.

Opening hours special temporary exhibition lace-collection:

- Monday: closed
- Tuesday August 21th - Sunday August 26th 2018: open from 10.00 am till 17.00pm

Entrance fee: € 8

Royal Museum for Art and History
Jubelpark 10, 1000 Brussel

Accessible for wheelchair users

Organised by

Ria Cooreman, responsable for the lace and costume collection

02 741 72 57 – r.cooreman@kmkg.be

Caroline Esgain



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