A two week lace experience in Belgium


  • Workshops : August 2018, 13th – 14th – 15th – 16th
  • Congress : August 2018, 17th – 18th – 19th
  • Lace tour : August 2018, 20th – 21st – 22nd – 23rd – 24th -25th
  • Contest : ‘Dreams in dimensions 25-25-25’

The World Lace Congress has gone all out to offer a wonderful program of exceptional beauty. Different locations in Brugge host phenomenal exhibitions. Marvellous and, for most visitors, unknown collections are on show in unique and atmospheric locations. Archives, witnessing the history of lace, will be opened up to the public and collections of original historical lace can be admired, which include superb religious and royal items that rarely see the daylight. However, the main focus of the Congress will be on the lace that lives today. Living lace will provide a wide range of examples of contemporary lace and examine the rich techniques that are used to produce it and continue to be passed on today in schools and associations; it will also explore: contemporary lace jewellery, the result of fine creativity and craftsmanship; contemporary lace design; and the realisations of top Belgian artists currently working in the medium.

The exhibitions take place at unique locations, concentrating in three parts of the city:
    • The city centre with the impressive ‘Stadshallen’ (the city halls) and the intimate Archives of the city on the Burg
    • Stilly Bruges, Sint-Anna and Sint-Gillis with the lace Centre and the religious exhibition in the Sint-Gillischurch
    • The vicinity of ‘Walplein’:different lace-groups in a typical beer brewery in Brugge; the chapel of Bogarden; the academy…
Lace market

An exclusive and wide ranging fair, downstairs in the City Hall, will give lace lovers a chance to examine, discuss and purchase fine examples of lace making materials and publications.


Openinghours Lectures: Oud Sint-Jan, Zonnekemeers, Brugge

Friday 17/8/2018

9h30 'Sprang Collections in Belgian Museums: Technique and Design.'
Anne Kwaspen, Independant researcher
10h30 'Putting Antwerp on the Map: Lace making and lace commerce in a city of art and luxury trades in the 16th and 17th centuries.'
Frieda Sorber, Modemuseum, Antwerpen
14h00 'Masterpieces of the Fashion and Lace Museum of the City of Brussels.’
Caroline Esgain, Museum voor Kostuum en Kant, Brussel

Saturday 18/8/2018

9h30 'Masterpieces of Lace of the Royal Museum of Art and History.'
Ria Cooreman, Royal Museum of Art and History, Brussels
10h30 'Magic of contemporary Lace.'
Martine Bruggeman, Kantcentrum Brugge
Locations in Brugge

City Centre

  • Old St-John: Lectures and welcomedrink
  • City Archives: Exhibition
  • Hof van Watervliet: Workshops
  • City Halls: Exhibition ‘Living Lace’
  • City Halls: Lace market

District of St-Anne

  • Lace centre: Presentation of the teacher training and summer classes
  • Museum Volkskunde: Exhibition of traditional lace
  • Church of St-Gillis: Exhibition of religious lace

District of Minnewater (aka Lake of Love)

  • Brewery: Exhibition of local groups, organized by Lace Centre
  • Academy: Exhibition and laboratory


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